Dreams travel with the speed of light
as I sit facing the sun, weaving and
waiting, always waiting, for your return.
I have grown old with longing.


And did you think you were the only one
adventuring around the world’s dark edges?
I too have traveled across the seas
sailing into the terrifying unknown.

Without map, compass, chart or crew
I wandered throughout the vast spaces
and over the fearsome oceans
searching, always searching, for you.


And when I found you at last, there you were,
hiding behind my reflection in the mirror.
You told me you had always been there,
but the shadow of my hair obscured your face.

Now, with grey hair, I see more clearly.
My own dear love, lost or dead or dying,
I will always see your face again
when I look beyond my image in the mirror.

©2007 Dorothy Miller Gutenkauf