I remember snowfalls in the city when I was young
and my friends and I would have snowball fights
dodging between parked cars and mountains of snow
piled up near the corners by the city’s plows
waiting for the temperature to rise and melt them,
or the trucks to load up the snow and take it away.

Snowball fights were fun, even if you got hit,
and everyone knew that packing a piece of ice
inside a snowball wasn’t fair, so it wasn’t allowed.
Our parents looked on from their windows
enjoying the warmth of their apartments’ heat.
Afterwards we went home and drank cocoa.

Later on in life I would play outside with our kids
when it snowed enough to have good snowball fights,
and I taught them how to tell if it was good packing snow
and how it wasn’t fair to use a piece of ice inside a snowball.
These days my kids play with their kids, teaching them the rules
and how to play fair and have fun.  As for me—I hibernate.

©2011 Dorothy Miller Gutenkauf