I have voted for Sharon Robinson-Briggs every time she ran for office–school board, two mayoral primaries, and two mayoral elections.

But this year, I’m voting for Adrian Mapp for Mayor of Plainfield.

Not that Adrian walks on water–who does?  I’ve known a lot of politicians in my life–and still do–and haven’t ever met one who is perfect.  But I think Adrian will be a better mayor.

Sharon has been personally good to Joe and to me.  She named me as one of Plainfield’s “Phenomenal Women” early in her first term.  She was instrumental in giving Joe and me the NAACP’s Community Service Award  a few years ago.  For all of that, we have been grateful.  But this year, at a Democratic City Committee meeting, she presented three women, including me, “Phenomenal Woman” citations because our husbands had died.  Frankly, I thought that was silly–and Joe would have laughed.

Sharon can be a very nice and gracious person–giving hugs and kisses to all.  But she has not been a good Mayor!  She will no doubt give us a long list of her accomplishments, but many of them have been initiated and carried out by others–some by city employees, some by Plainfield citizens–yet Sharon will try to take credit for all of them.  And she is unwilling to share any blame for any of the city’s many problems.

As mayor, Sharon has been a dismal failure.  The turnover in department heads has been disastrous, and the city’s finances are in disarray.  The City Council hasn’t been given a budget on time for years.  She insisted on heading the Muhlenberg Community Advisory Group, which delayed its startup–and to this member, the results have been, to say the least, disappointing.  There  haven’t been regular meetings, and the scheduling of those meetings has been haphazard–often resulting in conflicts with other important city meetings such as the Planning Board and the Historical Preservation Commission.

I could go on and on, but it’s not necessary.  It’s time for a change in Plainfield’s City Hall!  I have no doubt that Adrian will conduct the business of the city in a professional manner–without the hugs and kisses–and that he will be able to get things done appropriately and in a legally proper way.  I believe he can put an end to the constant bickering that has prevented much of the City’s business from being done properly for so long.  I believe he understands that the mayor’s role is to work with the City Council, our legislative representatives, and the freeholders, and our citizens–and to bring together all of us to improve our city.