February 15, 2010:  A lot has happened!

Welcome to my blog!  I know, you’re going to say “It’s about time”…well, that’s what my son John has been saying since Christmas 2007, when this was his present to me.

Of course, getting a Christmas present is one thing–but sometimes figuring out what to do with it can be difficult.  True, for someone  my age (I was 75 on November 20, 2008) the whole idea of blogging can be terrifying–but it was an intriguing thought and something John has been bugging me about for years.   He says it will be easier than sending out my occasional mass emails–but I think I’ll probably have to do both.

John is being very helpful.  He comes out to visit several times a month and gives me advice, tutorials, and encouragement…straightens out problems…fixes things…and tries to help me understand the “semantics” of WordPress–a blogsite he says is especially user-friendly.  This user is still somewhat confused, but I hope I will eventually be able to use this effectively.

What I intend to do is share thoughts, writing, memories, music, recipes, and whatever else occurs to me.  There may be news…political commentary…satire…and some links to sites of interest.

So here it is.  Let me know what you think!