I was away last weekend for a medical conference on Ocular Melanoma, and late Sunday night I looked at the mail that had come in over the weekend.  One of the things I saw was the mailer from John Campbell Jr. that is one of the most vicious, untruthful, and racist political mailers I have ever seen–and I have been involved in politics for more than 50 years.

Aside from the racist caricature of Assemblyman Jerry Green, which could very well be described as “Little Black Sambo Grows Up,” the mailer is composed entirely of lies, even  including the words “and” and “the.”  John Junior has seemed like a decent person, but this piece proves he’s not.

Lie #1–Jerry Green closed Muhlenberg Hospital.  FACT:  JFK closed Muhlenberg, and the Campbells did nothing to prevent it.  In fact, the first time John  Junior showed any interest in Muhlenberg was when he attended this year’s commemoration of its closure, in August–five years after our hospital was closed!

Lie #2–Jerry Green wants to put 600 low-income apartments on the Muhlenberg site.   FACT:  JFK wants to put 600 “luxury apartments” on the site, and we all know that doesn’t make any sense!

Lie #3–Jerry Green voted against school funding.  FACT:  Assemblyman Green voted against Chris Christie’s budget which raised taxes on most of us but not on the wealthy!

Lie #4–Jerry Green voted for the $1 million payout to former PMUA executives.  FACT:  PMUA is an independent city of Plainfield agency, and the payout was approved by a majority of the appointed PMUA Board–Assemblyman Green had nothing to do with it!

John Junior’s mailer says he will “fight to restore Muhlenberg Hospital.”  But where has he been for the past six years when our community was fighting to keep it open?  And since then he has done nothing to reopen it, or even to bring about the use of the hospital to provide medical services to our community!

I have lived in Plainfield for more than 30 years and frankly, this is the worst piece of political propaganda I have ever seen.  If anyone in the Plainfield community has been thinking of voting for John Junior, a look at this mailer should convince them not to.  He ought to be ashamed of himself!