Another surprise for you!

On   June 3 I will be voting for the “New Democrats” candidates in Column E on the ballot.  I am not a member  of the “New Democrats,” but I am voting for their council candidates anyway.

I’m doing this because I believe they will do a good job on the council and will support the mayor in his efforts to move Plainfield forward.  Last November, Adrian Mapp got an overwhelming 70 per cent of the vote, and that should have sent a clear message to Plainfield’s politicians and political activists.  Alas, they didn’t get it–and now most of those same folks are now attacking Adrian (and the “New Democrats” running for the council)–indeed, the anti-Mapp faction on the city council is trying to block his ability to bring positive change to move Plainfield forward and away from the morass in City Hall that has increasingly characterized the past eight years.

Here’s one example:  Mayor Mapp wants to hire a Public Information Officer–a job that has gone unfilled for many years–and the council took it out of the budget.  Another example that borders on the weird is the fact that earlier this year, the mayor requested the council to add another position, Chief of Staff, and the council did it, complete with salary band.  Now, the council has taken that position out of the budget completely!

Prior to this special council meeting, the mayor went on the Plainfield Community Access TV channel to urge the council to put these two positions back in the budget–but they didn’t.

AND THERE’S MORE: now some council members are so upset about the mayor’s television speech that they plan to devote an entire meeting on May 29 to attempting to bring legal charges against the mayor for having done that.

THIS IS SHAMEFUL, and those Council members, as one member of the public stated, were essentially “cutting off the mayor’s nose” to spite his efforts to improve the city.

If I hadn’t intended to vote for Rebecca Williams and Charles McRae before, the monkey business on the council May 20 and 27 would surely have convinced me.  Several months ago, when I told Assemblyman ,Jerry Green (who also chairs the Union County Democratic Committee) of my intention to vote for them he was, of course, not pleased–he and I have been friends and colleagues for 30 years.  Now, I am very disappointed with the literature he has been mailing out–and when the primary is over, and hopefully the candidates I’m voting for win the primary, I hope Jerry and I will be on speaking terms again–after all, he spoke at my late husband’s memorial about a year ago,  and at my retirement dinner several years ago, and had good things to say about us.

Between now and January (when the new council members are sworn in), we will have to watch the council very carefully to make sure they don’t do any more damage  And I hope Plainfielders will elect the candidates in Column E when they vote on June 3rd.