May 31, 2014


Some time back, our own Jerry Green–now the Union County Democratic chair–got an endorsement of Bonnie Watson Coleman for Congress  from the Union County Democratic Committee, and complained that Plainfield mayor Adrian Mapp had “jumped the gun” by endorsing her before he (Jerry) had gotten the Union County Democratic Committee to do so.

Now, Jerry has sent out two mailings from the Union County Democrats–both, by the way, paid for by Cory Booker–neither of which mentions Bonnie Watson Coleman.  Instead, they say “YOUR CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRAT.”  The mailings do list Jerry’s Plainfield City Council candidates,  so I assume this mailing went to Plainfield Democrats.  But why didn’t he mention the congressional candidate he got the Union County Democratic Committee to endorse?

Could it be because he’s more concerned about our City Council than about our representative in Congress?  And did the Union County Democratic Committee really endorse Jerry’s Plainfield City Council candidates?  THIS IS VERY STRANGE!