May 31, 2014


If you got the same mailing I did today from Jerry Green, accusing the “New Democrats” of being “completely out of control,” you may have thought seriously, as I did, as to just who is really “COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL” here–and it’s not the “New Democrats,” it’s Jerry Green himself.

My late husband Joe and I worked with (not for) Jerry Green for about 30 years, and he often told us how much he had learned from us.  Now it appears that he has forgotten it all.  His current actions indicate to me that he is afraid of losing what control he has, and is lashing out at those he sees as a threat to his continuing to be “in charge” of Plainfield.

This saddens me immensely.  Joe and I were never members of the “New Democrats,” but Joe would have been as outraged as I am about the increasing nastiness of the trash Jerry has been inflicting on Plainfield’s citizens through these mailings.  The “letter” from Senate President Sweeney (which Sweeney didn’t write and has probably never seen) was bad enough–but the mailer we received today was so much worse that it’s hard to describe.   Clearly, Jerry has completely lost control of his ego and his former good sense.  And I believe the cause is fear.

And what is he so afraid of?  Losing what control he thinks he has over Plainfield and over the Union County Democratic Party…and his reputation in Trenton.  Because if his City Council candidates lose, which I sincerely hope they will, it will demonstrate that Jerry’s once-vaunted power is gone, and with it any credibility he has in New Jersey politics.  After all, if you can’t carry your own town, why should others give you control over theirs?

I have heard reports of the last Democratic City Committee meeting which I find extremely disturbing.  Never, as long as Joe and I were committee members, did Jerry simply announce who the council candidates would be–there was  always an opportunity for nominations and a vote by the committee; that was how decisions were made.  Now, the Plainfield Democratic City Committee has become a victim of one-man rule, and in that case, what’s the point of even meeting?  Why have a “committee” if the chair is going to make all the decisions by himself?  Why waste your time?  (Unless, of course, you have been promised a job somewhere.)

I confess that I am more than distressed and .more that just dismayed–I am absolutely disgusted.  And even though I’m not a member of the “New Democrats,” I will be working as hard as I can to help elect their candidates in Column E on Tuesday.  Jerry needs to get the message that one-man rule doesn’t work in a democracy and that elected officials are and must remain accountable to the people.  Holding office is not just a mark of status–it’s a lot of obligations to all our citizens.  And to get respect, you must give it!

PLAINFIELD DESERVES BETTER–and in this primary, and in elections to come, I hope we’ll get it.   I for one will keep trying, and I hope you’ll all do the same.