The Union County Board of Elections Administrator has gone to great lengths to disassociate himself from the mailings from the non-existent “Union County’s Committee,” claiming that the return address is not his.  But if you google the address (327 Trinity Place in Hillside) you’ll find he is listed as co-owner. Nice try, but I’m not buying it.

Let’s see if he can extricate himself from this one!

I have voted by absentee ballot for many years.  This year, when my primary ballot came in the mail, I was astonished to see the following printed on the actual Democratic Committee ballot:

“The Slogan for all County Committee Candidates below is Regular Democratic Organization of Union County”

Now, that is an absolute lie!  Furthermore, it’s using the ballot itself to electioneer for certain candidates.  The “Regular Democratic Organization” has County Committee candidates–but candidates for the Union County Progressive Democratic Organization (which supports Mayor Adrian Mapp) are also on the ballot.  In fact, I’m one of those candidates, along with John Stewart for the Ward 3 District 1 committee seats.

I have never seen a ballot like that before!

Now, it’s the Union County “Administrator” of the Board of Elections–same guy–who oversees the preparation of the ballots.  Who could possibly have put that in without his noticing it?  And what excuse will he come up with this time?

The problem–actually electioneering on the ballot–was brought to the attention of the County Clerk, who instructed the Board of Elections to send new and revised ballots to voters who had already received their absentee ballots.  I got mine–without that “slogan”– and voted it.

The moral of the story is that we should all be careful!  I don’t know who was responsible for that–and frankly, I don’t really care–but shenanigans like that have no place in elections, and no place in our Democratic Party.  And I say to that Board of Elections administrator, “Shame on you!”  I must also say that I hope action will be taken because of this clear violation of election law.