One was from that notorious non-organization, “Union County’s Committee,” attacking our mayor because a candidate for freeholder didn’t make it onto the ballot—he wasn’t a registered Democrat when he circulated the nominating petitions. There’s an error of fact here (surprise!) because the mailer says Adrian Mapp “couldn’t find any Democrat willing to run…so he decided to run two imposters….” Not true—there was a Plainfield Democrat (I met him) willing to run and circulating petitions; but all the petitions got tossed because the other candidate wasn’t a registered Democrat. The mailer goes on to say “we don’t need fake Democrats on the County Committee,” but the fact is that there aren’t any non-Democrats running in Column C for Committee positions. It has spelling errors, too. Well, what do you expect from a non-organization?

The second mailer is actually from “Jerry Green for Assembly,” a legitimate and registered political organization. It attacks the mayor (who isn’t on the ballot this year), Councilor Rebecca Williams (who won re-election last year) and Councilor Cory Storch, who is in fact running for re-election. Astonishingly, the folks who put this mailer together seem to think that they should have raised hell publicly about the arrest of a local blogger for “flagrant lewdness” as Jerry and Bridget Rivers (the City Council president) did. The piece goes on to say that “the community asked him to be removed” from the library Board of Trustees.” Personally, I doubt that “the community” really cares that much—but of course making mountains out of molehills is standard political practice in some circles. I suppose they think that airing other people’s dirty laundry in public is fun as well as productive. (Remember Monica Lewinsky?)

I’m sure that the three people Jerry attacks spoke to the individual privately—as I did—and I’m sure others did too. Suffice it to say that the individual involved has since resigned from the library board and been replaced with a well-known retired local educator.

Earlier this year, when the original story broke, I cross-posted a piece by someone I don’t know from BlueJersey, a progressive New Jersey blog—because I was as astonished by Jerry’s public comments as the author was: Jerry has been supportive of gay rights and marriage equality for some time (I know, I helped). And I caught hell for it, too—apparently someone thought I wrote the piece myself.

In any case, it’s a relief to get a mailing from “Jerry Green for Assembly” for a change. On the other hand, the mailer says the fact that Mapp, Williams, and Storch didn’t come out publicly (as he and Rivers did) when the incident happened is “far worse” than raising taxes. Different priorities, I guess. Oh well.