The most recent mailer I’ve received from “Jerry Green for Assembly” has an interesting statement: “In Plainfield, we just don’t win…” and how right that was! They “just don’t win”they try to prevent the city from winning!
          During the year and a half since mayor Adrian Mapp took office, the City Council members Jerry supported have spent most of their time trying to block his efforts to improve Plainfield’s services and change the culture of patronage and incompetence in city hall. To a large extent, the mayor has succeeded—violent crime is down, economic development is up, recreation is providing a wider range of services, and for the first time in many years, Plainfield has a permanent Chief Finance Officer—a must for providing financial stability and consistency in the city’s operations.
           And that’s not all. The city’s bond rating is up, which means savings to taxpayers…grants that the previous administration ignored and allowed to lapse are being restored…one-seat train rides to New York City, and Plainfield’s designation as a transit village…all these and more are helping to increase development and raise property values.
           One recent campaign piece criticized Adrian for his response to a news item about a Library Board appointee’s “flagrant lewd behavior in public” and even went so far as to say the mayor’s failure to remove him, and the lack of public criticism from the mayor and his allies on the council when the incident happened is “far worse” than raising taxes. Hard to believe, of course—but if you haven’t thrown the mailer out, you can see for yourself; I’m not making this up! That’s right, they “just don’t win”—they just find things about the Mapp administration they can criticize.
           Many Plainfielders know that my late husband, Joe, and I worked closely with Assemblyman Green, and served on the Democratic Committee, for many years—but after Joe’s death in 2012, I decided not to run for a Committee seat in 2013. During last year’s primary, Jerry and I parted company. I have been very disappointed—Joe would have been too—by the tactics Jerry has been employing now that he has “consolidated” his power as Union County Democratic Chair.
           Just for example, in 2014 he called a Plainfield Democratic Committee meeting and told them who “their” Council candidates would be. This year, he didn’t even call a Committee meeting.
           What’s the point of having a local “Democratic Committee” if that group doesn’t have a voice in decision-making? This isn’t Stalinist Russia, and we don’t have to all swear allegiance to the “party line”—we’re grownups and can think for ourselves. The Democratic Party has room for many points of view—and what usually happens is that after differences are resolved, we all work together.
           That’s why I’m running for Democratic Committee. It’s time to restore democracy to the Plainfield Democratic party—and Plainfield voters can do that on Tuesday by voting for the Council and Committee candidates in Column C!