June 2015

“It’s hard to believe that gay Americans achieved full constitutional personhood just five years after corporations did,” he said.


Pho 99 in South Plainfield, a wonderful Vietnamese restaurant (and the only one in our area) will be closed by the end of June, since the property owner has sold the building. Pho 99 has been there for 15 years and has gotten rave reviews from patrons and the media. It is the successor to La Viet, which was on Front Street in Plainfield for a number of years–the food is great and the iced coffee is fantastic.

Now’s your chance (if you haven’t visited them already) to explore the menu. I often tell people that once you’ve eaten a Vietnamese egg roll, you’re hooked–you will never really want a Chinese egg roll again. The spring rolls, too, are fabulous. The menu is full of good things–soups, entrees, salads, you name it–and the prices are very reasonable.

Go while you have a chance! Go south on Park Avenue, cross Oak Tree Road, and take the right turn into the parking lot–you’ll see the Pho 99 sign on the left. They’re closed on Mondays–and as of June 28 they will be closed forever.

We have been regular patrons and will miss them greatly. I hope you can visit and enjoy before they close.

I’m not a member of any organized political party—I’m a Democrat.
(Will Rogers)

I beg you, do not be unchangeable.
Do not believe that you alone can be right.
The man who thinks that,
The man who maintains that only he has the power
To reason correctly, the gift to speak, the soul—
A man like that, when you know him, turns out empty.