The politics of my home town–Plainfield, New Jersey–  is always interesting: for years, I have described it as “a bed of quicksand studded with landmines.”  This year is no different.

I will publish comments on the local scene occasionally.  Stay tuned!

Jerry Green’s Bizarre & Maybe Bigoted Attack on Arrested Blogger

by: vmars, posted on
Sat Apr 04, 2015 at 07:31:00 AM  EDT
Dan Damon is a longtime blogger in Plainfield, a former PR flack for the city, mayoral candidate, general gadfly and community volunteer.He’s also usually on the opposite side of issues from political powerhouse and County Democratic Chair Jerry Green, the Speaker Pro Tem of the Assembly. Damon is also a supporter of Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp, who is an on-again off-again ally of Green’s, and is currently very off-again and filed a primary slate against the party line.Plainfield police have charged Damon with having oral sex with another man in a car in the view of other adults.  Since Damon was appointed to the Public Library Board by Mapp, Green is trying to tie Damon’s legal problems around the Mayor’s neck.  It’s the kind of blunt force attack Green is known for.But Green’s statement to the Courier News is downright bizarre.

“I’m shocked that everybody is taking this so lightly,” Green said Thursday. “This is a 75-year-old man having sex with a 23-year-old man who happens to be a Latino.””The mayor has yet to come out and say anything at all, which is totally shocking. It’s not that he doesn’t know that (Damon) has a sickness. I’m just hoping nobody gets killed or hurt and that somebody in the administration recognizes that this is a danger to society.”

vmars :: Jerry Green’s Bizarre & Maybe Bigoted Attack on Arrested Blogger
There are any number of issues with this.  For one, why is Green mentioning the ages of Damon and his partner?  Sure, it’s unusual but both are well past the age of majority so … who cares?Second, what is with “happens to be a Latino”?  Damon is white.  Does Green have a problem with mixed race couples?  There’s really no reason to make such a reference otherwise.Third, Green has been a supporter of the LBGT community for a long time, but these lines reek of revulsion at the act of oral sex between to men.Fourth, referencing Damon’s “sickness” is really odd.  The article doesn’t make any other mention of Damon being ill, so we have to wonder what Green is implying.

Especially when he suggests that the illness can get people “killed or hurt” and is a “danger to society.”  It’s just bizarre phrasing that makes little or no sense, but sounds remarkably like how many talked about AIDS back in the 1990s.  Especially those who didn’t like gays.  It’s a sideways path to the accusation, uses odd phrasing like “has a sickness” rather than “is sick”, and talks about the disease as if it were a threat to the culture rather than the body.

If there were one piece of this statement that was off it could just be poor reporting, inartful speaking on Green’s part, or just a bad day.  Green has been good for years on LBGT issues, and while he has had issues with the Latino community in Plainfield they were political and not racial.

But in ten seconds Green uses language and phrasing that could be ageist, racist and homophobic.

The question is, did he mean it?


My comment:  Dan didn’t run for mayor, but otherwise this guest blog is correct.  I remember Jerry talking about his gay brother with love, and all the bullying he had to endure in school.  Question: did Jerry’s brother have “a sickness”??


2 Responses to “Plainfield”

  1. Davy Morales Says:

    Hey Dottie
    I am so honored to find out that the residents of Plainfield assisted in apprehending Officer Valenti’s assailant…. Just when you think that
    everyone in Plainfield has taken on the attitude of selfishness and Bourgiieness…Here comes a News item in which we can all become proud of the fact that we are Plainfielders!!!
    The town I love may not love me but I can not ever lose the memories of time not so long ago when We meant We no differnce distinction in neighborhood
    no hypocritical verbal assaults about the west end being depressed…What I mean is by Hypocritical is that people want to talk down about west end but late at night they sneak over to our end to do what cant be done near thier homes but you know something…sorry for venturing so I will end with this
    We the proud residents of {Plainfield)are tired and will not take it any more
    nonsense from any one… We are tired of the enablers who cover thier childrens wrong doing or Thuggin…We are tired of watching ole folk buying street pharmaceuticals (DRUGS) late at night. We are tired of the smugg atitudes of people with only 50 cents more in their pockets looking down at others….We are tired of the foolish ole folk getting our young women high to make out ….Sorry that just slipped …there I go again…I need this vent because the HIV rate among the elderly population is skyrocketing.
    Plainfield I still love you Good Bad of Indifferent
    Thanks for letting me vent

    1. DottieG Says:

      Davy, thanks for checking my blog! I too was thrilled to see today’s story about those heroes–I hope they will get honored publicly quickly–we need more like them in our community!

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